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360 Design Services

Provides Development Solutions to Cities Who Are In Need

of Affordable Energy Efficient Alternatives to Expensive Custom Homes.  

Creating Community Wealth, Stabilizing the Housing Market and

Turning Renters into Homeowners.  

A Community
Partner Who Cares

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360 Design Service Cares About Your Community.  Through Thoughtful Development We Lessen the Burden of the Housing Crisis Many Cities Face.


Preserving Core Neighborhoods and the Financial Stability of Local Communities by Helping People Who Are Able to Become Homeowners Find a Home Within Their Price Range.  


360 Also Navigates the Partnering of Local Businesses with Schools and Other Organizations Who Have Youth Who are Not College Bound but Need to Learn a Trade to Succeed in Life.  


Teaching the Next Generation to Think, Build and Create a Better World.


A Conscientious
Common Sense
Eco Builder

360 Design Service as a Building Partner Creates Affordable Homes In a Price Range Between Current Inner City Homes and New Homes.  

Homes are Designed with Accessibility in Mind, and Our Homes Can Accommodate a Multitude of Alternative Lifestyles.  

360 Design Service is Eco Minded, Honoring the Environment With Uncomplicated Design, Common Sense Building Methods, Site Considerations for Passive Solar and Uncomplicated Material Selection from Beginning to Finish.

Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Affordable,


A Housing Revolution,


360 Design Service.

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Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing Revolution:

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