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Cancer Sucks... Pay it 360 Forward Minnesota is a way to help Minnesota kids with cancer never have to worry about being homeless.


The goal is to provide housing security for the family in a pay it forward fashion, that way parents can miss work to stay at the hospital with their child... Pay it 360 Forward also provides housing stability if the child relapses or dies during treatment.

1,180 children ages 0-15 are expected to die in 2018 according to the American Cancer Society.

Children who survive cancer often have late term effects which means over their life they are likely to have complications, disabilities, seizures and an overall shorter life expectancy and/or relapse.

You will notice all the 360 Design Service homes are all made with 3' doorways and openings... this is to ensure they are handicap accessible and enable aging in place or care giving for a loved one such as a sick child/adolescent or adult.

Our hope is to end homelessness for kids who have cancer and provide relief for their families.

We at 360 Design Service hope you will join us in changing a child with cancer's future, providing housing stability to their family and creating a better world one home at a time.

Please contact us to donate today and share on social media.  

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