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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Our after school club will start after the holidays...this club for 6th, 7th graders will be limited to 10 people, remaining supplies are limited to 7 more people. Sign up is first come first sign up please contact Vinny Spade (Games/Toys) on facebook.

There will be a waiting list and will aim for a 50/50 Boy(He)/Girl(She) ratio (other pronoun's welcomed).

Sponsored by Magikids.Org Please make a donation to Magikids for providing our "Sort, Play, Build Kits"...please consider donating by following this link:

After School Club Is Limited To One School Location, For Safety Purposes Location Is Not Disclosed Other Than Through Direct Contact Of School and/Or the FaceBook Page For Vinny Spade.

But why teach kids Magic: The Gathering?

We believe that teaching Magic builds skills such as critical thinking, math, and reading. Magic also helps encourage socialization and engagement. At our local MagiKids groups, there’s not a phone in sight. Our Sort, Build, Play curriculum gets kids to engage with the game in a way that not only keeps them focused on the learning in that moment, but makes it more likely they will stick with it down the road. (via: MagiKids website)

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